Fruit roof

As Carmen Miranda would tell you, there's nothing that can't be dressed up by a bowl of fruit, even this simple design for a "merchandising booth." 1930. Invented by Florence L. Gailey and John K. Gailey.

Store front

An ornamental design for a store front, featuring a large number of display windows. 1930. Invented by David Friedman.

Frank Lloyd Wright house

This is a wonderful illustration of Frank Lloyd Wright's Suntop Homes, which he called the "Ardmore experiment." The structure included four housing units and is available here.

Foshay Tower

The Foshay Tower, which opened in 1929 in Minneapolis, was the first sky scraper in the United States to get a patent for its design. 1930. Invented by Wilbur B. Foshay and Gottlieb R. Magney.

Food and beverage station

A combined food and beverage vending station. Pull up a keg and have a seat. 1952. Invented by Charles M. Kemper.

Portable food stand

Don't be fooled by the image of a waiter. You're expected to serve yourself at this "portable food dispenser stand." 1940. Invented by George L. Ely.

Flying-saucer drive in

A flying-saucer ornamental design for a Continental Air Lines drive-in building. 1958. Invented by Richard G. Schorling.


A design for a restaurant or a fishmonger. 1935. Invented by Alfred H. Burks.

Wise Shoes

A design for a store front assigned to Wise Shoes, Inc. of New York. 1930. Invented by Albert I. Elias.

Drug store

Drug store. One of two similar pharmacy designs. 1948. Invented by M. Mendell Booviin.

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