Memorial building

This design for a memorial building looks like a fairly large structure, with a walkway ringing the equator. 1928
Invented by Ashton T. Nelson.

Ornamental Store Front

A highly ornamental design for a store front for the Melville Shoe Corporation of New York. The inventor, Ward Melville, ran the shoe company and was involved in many philanthropic projects in New York. 1928. Invented by Ward Melville.

Lunch house

A design for a road-side lunch house. 1933. Invented by Jacob C. Stedman.

Marrow house

House. Circular living. 1947. Invented by George M. Marrow.


A kiosk for a locksmith. 1936. Invented by C. Gary Starling.

Leaning tower

Leaning tower of pizza. 1956. Invented by Louis J. Catania.

King laundromat

Wash clothes like royalty at a laundromat designed for Connecticut Automatics, Inc. 1958. Invented by Roy Roth.

Ornamental design

An ornamental design for a corner storefront. 1935. Invented by Bert Knaster and Charles F. Vonhof.


The patent says this could be used as a display building for fairs, an amusement building, dancing pavilion or a restaurant or refreshment building. But it's clearly a building design that would inspire college students. 1934. Invented by Anton Mourek.

Service station

A piano shaped design for a gas station with what appears to be a tiny bay. 1941. Invented by Ralph N. Aldrich and Alfred H. Jaehne.

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