Pig Parlor

A design for a store front or the like. We're not sure what the pig has to do with the design. This could easily be turned into a goat parlor, chicken parlor, ... 1931. Invented by Truman B. Buchanan.

World's Fair Trylon and Perisphere

The Trylon and Perisphere were built as the central structures of the 1939 New York World's Fair and housed the "Democracity" diorama. A ramp, called the Helicline, connected the two structures. 1937. Invented by Wallace K. Harrison and Jacques Andre Fouilhoux.

Amusement park building

A midway design for an amusement park building. 1930. Invented by Emil C. Hoppe.

Orange Crush stand

A dispensing stand for orange soda assigned to the Orange Crush Company of Chicago. 1928. Invented by Joseph B. Benge.

Oil derrick

An office building of Texas design made to look like an oil derrick. 1934. Invented by Luther B. Robertson.

Novelty rocket vendor

A novelty rocket building for a vendor. 1956. Invented by Theodore L. Beach, Jr.

Santa's custard shop

Frozen custard is an adaptation of a French vanilla ice cream recipe that features high quality ingredients, including egg. To complete the winter theme of this frozen custard shop, "the four walls of the building are covered with composition plaster, substantially sprinkled with flaked mica." 1932. Invented by Cecil Turner and Ray Turner.

Nip & Sip diner

A store front design for the Nip & Sip diner. 1933. Invented by Alexander W. Porter.

Your name goes here

A building design for The White Castle System of Eating Houses Corporation, Wichita, Kansas. 1934. Invented by Norman J. Schlossman and John Demuth.

Miniature refreshment bar

A refreshment bar that would fit in at a Masonic lodge. 1937. Invented by Jean Brown Richardson.

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