Got milk?

A food service building design for the sale of dairy products. 1939. Invented by Hazel E. Laird.

Googie Restaurant

A design for a roadside restaurant with Googie-style architecture. 1951. Invented by Paul Wrablica Jr.

Golden Gate Bridge pier

J. B. Strauss designed the Golden Gate Bridge and received a patent for this ornamental bridge pier. When completed in 1937 the Golden Gate was the world's longest bridge. 1932. Invented by Joseph B. Strauss.

Schlossman gas station

Gas station with two service bays. Chicago's Norman Schlossman was a partner in the Chicago firm Loebl, Schlossman and Bennett, which is well know for developing Park Forest, Illinois following WWII. The community was attractive to returning GIs looking for affordable housing. 1934. Invented by Norman J. Schlossman and John Demuth.

George Harris building

Barracks inspired living. 1947. Invented by George K. Harris Jr.

Gas station vending booth

A gas station vending booth. 1929. Invented by Ross McCoy.

Gas station with canopy

A fanciful googie design for a service station. 1958. Invented by Otto A. Kuhler.

Gas and oil island

Gas and oil island. 1948. Invented by David C. Peterson.

Gas, water and air dispenser

A design for a multi-purpose "dispensing unit for filling stations." How do you start this crazy thing? 1946. Invented by Wilbur H Adams.

Gas beacon

A service station for motor cars. 1934. Invented by Reuben J. Odman.

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