Drug store

Drug store. One of two similar pharmacy designs. 1948. Invented by M. Mendell Booviin.

Drink stand

Why couldn't I have been born a Centaur? This unfortunate design affixes a man's head and arms to an orange in the hope of selling juice. 1928. Invented by Peter E. Ryerson.

Do-nut dinette

Do-nut dinette. Diner or similar article. 1948. Invented by Allen M. Berryhill.

Donut cup

Another architectural design that doesn't know when to stop. We get the point, you sell donuts. 1938. Invented by Ernest J. B. La Lumiere.

Man's best stall

A vendor stand in the shape of a morbidly obese dog. 1930. Invented by Charles S. Hall.

Dirigible building

A building of dirigible aircraft design. Hold tight as you step aboard, for the reputation of this establishment is not inflated. 1931. Invented by Nickolas G. Lagios.

Diner front

Building front for a diner. 1938. Invented by Russell P. Freeman.

Deco-styled gas station

Art deco styling for a gas station. 1933. Invented by Solis D. Kaplan.

Deco-style building

Dairy bar

A googie dairy bar design. 1957. Invented by Clarence S. Shank.

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