Theatre for moving-picture shows

A Quonset-style building with an ornamental spire for use as a theatre for moving-picture shows. 1948. Invented by Albert R. Walker.


A teepee design for a roadside building. 1930. Invented by Frank W. McDonald.

Texaco gas station

A Texaco gas station design by Walter D. Teague, who was responsible for the roadside look of Texaco in the 1930s. 1935. Invented by Walter D. Teague.

Texaco gas station

A gas station design for Texaco by Walter D. Teague, a pioneer of industrial design who was responsible for the roadside look of Texaco in the 1930s. 1936. Invented by Walter D. Teague.

Teague service station

A design for a Texaco gas station by famous designer

Tambourine lady

The patent says simply that this is an "ornamental design for a building." This would be certain to draw the attention of any passersby. 1932. Invented by Sadie O'Neil.

Tamale Inn

Yes, this is a restaurant on wheels in the shape of a tamale. No, I don't know if there ever was a demand for traveling tamales. 1929. Invented by Samuel C. Wilhite.

Strawberry stand

A combined food and beverage vending station. 1952. Invented by Louis A. Zon.

Store front

Store front. Possibly for a jewelry shop. 1937. Invented by Gordon L. Smith.

Window shopping

This design for a store front offers plenty of space for presenting merchandise to passing shoppers. 1931. Invented by Albert I. Elias.

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