A car front fender design assigned to Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Company of Philadelphia. 1928. Invented by Joseph Ledwinka.

Pierce-Arrow fender

This design shows off the trademark Pierce-Arrow fender, which featured innovative, built-in headlamps. 1926. Invented by James R. Way.


Confused arrow car

This is the most hideous car design I have run across. The arrows seem to be undecided as to which end is the front of the car. 1953. Invented by Imogene H. Johnson.

Armored tank

A fanciful design for an armored fighting vehicle. 1951. Invented by Joseph J. Baldine.

Archer radiator ornament

Oncoming drivers with quiver at the site of this ornamental design for a radiator ornament. 1927. Invented by Irmgard Von Haxthausen.

Fire truck and ambulance

A combination fire truck and ambulance. 1954. Invented by Edward C. Califano.

Cormorant hood ornament for 1954 Packard

A cormorant hood ornament mascot for a 1954 Packard. 1954. Invented by Charles H. W. Phaneuf.

Hood ornament for 1953 Chrysler

A hood ornament mascot used on a 1953 Chrysler. 1954. Invented by Marshall M. Fredericks.

Hood ornament for 1951 DeSoto

A hood ornament mascot for a 1951 DeSoto. 1951. Invented by George A. Lasko.

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