Hood ornament for 1951 Buick

A 1951 hood ornament mascot designed by chief Buick stylist Ned Nickles. 1951. Invented by Ned F. Nickles.

Decorative radiator cap

A highly ornamental design for a radiator cap. 1928. Invented by Kyle E. Stant.

Refreshment building

Refreshment building. Nothing says quality dining like a yawning pig. 1934. Invented by Warren Lee.

Witch hat booth

A portable witch-hat booth. Happy Halloween! 1927. Invented by Harry H. Clark.

Watermelon stand

A combined food and beverage vending station. 1953. Invented by Louis A. Zon.

White service station

Service station. A simple kiosk for handling fuel transactions. 1947. Invented by Lysander T. White.

Ward & Dickinson Diner

In the 1920s and 30s the Ward & Dickinson Co. built diner cars and sold them throughout the Great Lakes Region. A version of the diner body shown in this patent is still in operation as the Miss Port Henry Diner in Port Henry, N.Y. 1927. Invented by Charles A. Ward.

Locomotive diner

Take a ride on the Reading at this roadside railroad diner. 1939. Invented by Nicholas Caracasis.

Train restaurant

A railroad design for a restaurant assigned to the J.B. Judkins Company. 1940. Invented by John F. Dobben.

Petite building

An ornamental design for a tiny building. Everyone gets a corner office. 1939. Invented by Otis Horne.

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