Golden Gate Bridge pier

Golden Gate Bridge pier

J. B. Strauss designed the Golden Gate Bridge and received a patent for this ornamental bridge pier. When completed in 1937 the Golden Gate was the world's longest bridge. 1932. Invented by Joseph B. Strauss.



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Charles A. Ellis

Charles Alton Ellis, design engineer of the Strauss Engineering Company, produced all the engineering designs for the Golden Gate Bridge (including the towers). Strauss was responsible for ordering the stepped off design of the towers, but most of the ornamental touches, including the vertical fluting, ornamental corner brackets integrated within the crossmembers, and deck lighting were provided by local San Francisco architect Irving Foster Morrow. Before the Golden Gate project, Strauss built hundreds of drawbridges worldwide during his career, and had never before approached a project of this type, as well as having substantially less to do with the engineering.

Ellis was fired from the Strauss firm after a number of disagreements over the time he was taking with the tower design; his name was systematically removed from the drawings, with credit ultimately given to Strauss, who appropriated the majority of ideas, including the total design of the bridge as his own.

At the same time, Joseph Strauss is to be credited as having the ambition to tirelessly promote the idea of a bridge across the Golden Gate, a work of art that transcends time - one of the most admired engineering wonders of our world.

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