Three-wheeled vehicle

A three-wheeled vehicle design for the American Brake Shoe Company of Wilmington, Delaware. 1952. Invented by Max W. Kistler.

Three-wheel motorcycle

A three-wheeled design with a storage trunk assigned to The Indian Company of Delaware. 1954. Invented by Walter E. Brown.

Thompson automobile

Thompson automobile. 1951
Invented by Houston Thompson

Combined thermometer and rear-view mirror

A combined thermometer and rear-view mirror for use on motor vehicles. The patent was assigned to the Germanow-Simon Machine Company of Rochester, N.Y. 1951. Invented by Michael C. Vacanti.

Taxicab body

A taxicab design for the Bauer Taxicab Manufacturing Turing Co., of Chicago. 1926. Invented by Perry S. Bauer.

Taxi cab

A fantastic taxi cab design. The driver sits front and center and passengers enjoy views in all directions including up, through a glass roof. 1954. Invented by Lynn Brodton.

Taxi cab

Taxi. With elevated driver cab. 1953. Invented by Dick H. Williams.

Tank vehicle

Tank vehicle. Delivering fuel with style. 1937. Invented by Howard W. Kizer.

Car sun visor

An adjustable sun visor for a car. 1951. Invented by Russell C. Huntoon.

On the wing of a bird

An ornamental design for an automobile radiator ornament. 1926. Invented by Roland Brixner and Walter H. Conklin.

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