Stop, look and listen

This ornamental radiator cap offers safety advice. 1926. Invented by Alfred T. Manning.

Steering wheel tray

A steering wheel tray for multitasking commuters. For some reason the practice of driving with a drink and food balanced on the steering wheel never caught on. 1950. Invented by Rufus P. Steadman.

Steering wheel

Steering wheel. Handle with care. 1937. Invented by Felix J. Kathe.

Steering wheel

A steering wheel for a "motor vehicle or the like." 1939. Invented by Daniel S. Hoover.

Steering wheel and horn ring

A combined vehicle steering wheel and horn ring. 1953. Invented by John T. McCreary.

Spaceship ornament

A novelty design for an after-market hood ornament. Alex Tremulis is known for designing the Tucker automobile and Star Trek's 'Enterprise' spaceship. 1951. Invented by Alexander S. Tremulis.

Ternstedt ornament design

A "6" radiator ornament design for Ternstedt Manufacturing Company. 1926. Invented by William Schnell.

Pontiac ornament

A radiator ornament design for General Motors. You can see the actual thing here. 1935. Invented by Harry Shaw and Chris J. Klein.

Selzer truck

A truck with the face of a plump bug. 1951. Invented by James R. Selzer.


A seductive radiator cap ornament assigned to the Stover Signal Engineering Company of Racine, Wisconsin. 1926. Invented by Emory P. Seidel.

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