Aero velocipede

A child's aero velociped that can be propelled forward by pushing the feet along the ground. 1945. Invented by Joseph F. Jones.

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Aerial toy

Wings, spinner and a propeller. It's the uber-wind toy. 1924. Invented by Funi Morinaga.

Acoustic device

Acoustic device. Purse your lips and blow. 1948. Invented by Hal Horne.

Vehicle ornament

A vehicle ornament. 1935. Invented by Howard F. Yaeger.

Dancing ornament

A flamboyant design for an automobile hood ornament. 1929. Invented by Bernice D. West.

Schult camping trailer

In 1934 Walter O. Wells and Wilbur Schult produced their first Schult mobile home in Elkhart, Indiana. Today Schult is a builder of manufactured housing. The spacious covered wagon design shown here features a moon roof, dinette and ample storage. 1939. Invented by Walter O. Wells.

Weddell rocket car

An odd car design that looks like a rocket-propelled submarine on wheels. 1954. Invented by Donald G. Weddell.

Wait, go

A combined radiator cap ornament and traffic signal. It's not clear from the patent how this is supposed to work. Perhaps the driver is supposed to signal to pedestrians or other drivers when it is safe to proceed. 1928. Invented by Ray Fisher.

Vendor vehicle

A vehicle for use by merchants, from the designer of the "ice cream car." 1951. Invented by Ellwood O. Compton.

Vehicular tank

This tank vehicle was designed by Brooks Stevens, whose Milwaukee design firm was also responsible for the Harley-Davidson Hydra-glide motorcycle and the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. 1949. Invented by Clifford Brooks Stevens.

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